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How do you embrace change?

by Nancy Arsenault on January 27, 2015

W1966704_10203949550572052_731633540077134373_nhen the wind of change blows some build walls others build windmills.




Did you know tPrinthat the National Geographic Society launched a recognition program for  ‘Unique Lodges of the World’?

Selecting 24 businesses from six continents, the Nimmo Bay Resort (BC) and Fogo Island Inn (NL) were the only two in Canada recognized in this inaugural collection of amazing boutique properties who demonstrate a world class commitment to sustainability, authenticity and excellence.

Beyond being an amazing property with their physical infrastructure, this award also values the visitor experience by evaluating the “quality of service and inspiring experiences — from activities that enable them to engage with local people to wildlife encounters with seasoned naturalists.” And, appreciating no one is successful alone, and visitors want to connect with the people in the places they visit, this award also considers the company’s commitment to conservation and green operations, protecting local cultural heritage and providing real benefits to community.

o-NIMMO-BAY-RESORT-BC-570Nimmo Bay Resorts Heli-Adventure in the Wilderness is a Canadian Signature Experience, as designated by the Canadian Tourism Commission, that I have followed for years and used as a teaching example of excellence. A family business owned by Craig Murray (BC) and Deborah Murray (NL). I’ll never forget my first interview with Craig where he shared their philosophy for their company and the importance, for them, of music, humor and attention to detail as being core to their business.  For years in teaching experiential travel I have asked people to think about “What are your core experience elements?”

fogo-island-innThis past week, on the opposite end of the country I met Zita Cobb, owner of the Fogo Inn and her new GM Steven Cannizzaro. While it was an informal visit as part of our Destination Development Planning project activities, I was struck by Zita’s passionate commitment to the visitor experience, connecting her guests to the local community, preserving local heritage and setting up a mentoring program to help the youth understand how career choices they make will influence if they can stay in their home community, or it will take them away – permanently.

Speaking with Steven I learned that during the winter months one of their staff members was working at another iconic property for tblog-default-642-380he Wickinninish Inn in Tofino – 8000+ kms away on Vancouver Island (and a company that partners with Nimmo Bay); also a Canadian Signature Experience. “The Wick” as it is fondly known of by the locals is a company that is committed to professional development and education, and has shared their knowledge with us on two Atlantic Canada Adventure Tourism Best Practice Missions in the past couple of years.

It’s a small world, but reading about the National Geographic recognition reinforces that business with outstanding practices from coast to coast are putting us, and keeping us on the map. They also operate with principles of practice that any tourism business, big or small, can take to heart:

  • Focus on the visitor experience;
  • Be part of your community, give back, and engage the locals so they benefit, the visitors benefit;
  • Share staff  to augment another operators’ capacity, your capacity;  it’s a great form of professional development;
  • Sustainable communities are part of the solution for ensuring a sustainable business;
  • Partner and align with other companies and individuals that share your values, standards and commitment to excellence;
  • Collaborate to compete;
  • Be passionate, caring, creative, innovative and dare to be different.

Hospitality Newfoundland and LabradorAnd, as Craig Foley of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador says when he’s coaching a business: “Have clarity of purpose in what you do.” Know why you do it, know how you differ from others and the appeal that differentiator has in terms of  value to your customers, community, and business partners.



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