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The cost of a smile = ZERO

by Nancy Arsenault on February 22, 2015

We invest millions in infrastructure, marketing, research – but when a customer finally walks through your door, what makes the difference?

A great customer experience is the combination of the physical and emotional experience.  So while mother nature provided beautiful skis to fly today, the aircraft functioned to standard – neither pilot on my commuter plane off the island smiled, nor did any of the ramp/security staff, none seemed to interested in responding to my upbeat happiness of a great start to a long day of travel to Gander, NL … 16 hours in fact.

We are in the hospitality industry – and each guest is on their journey – a smile costs nothing, but gives so much.  Sure there are thousands of people flying – but each one of them keeps us all in business.


Sweat the Small Stuff!

by Nancy Arsenault on February 6, 2015

Yes, it wasn’t a typo. If you want to raise the bar on visitor value, command a premium price, and leave visitors with memories for a lifetime, attention to detail is paramount – in the planning, selection of partners, sales process, delivery and follow-up.  It’s what differentiates mediocre (Salieri) from celebrated (Mozart)!

High end businesses/operators know this is a cornerstone of their success, they have wealthy clients who demand it.  But, it is a principle that can differentiate any business who cares and we can learn from these businesses.  Ironically, it isn’t usually money that’s needed – its thoughtfulness, care, time, and focusing on what truly matters to your guests.


Travel Review Sites – Love’em or Hate’em, They Are Important

January 30, 2015

Ever use one of the biggy review sites as a traveller?  You’re not alone. In fact their reach is beyond anything you could ever dream of as a business.  Yet, I still hear from operators they don’t want to be on TripAdvisor, or if they have a listing, they don’t want to engage in the […]

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Class Action Law Suit on Destination Marketing Fees

January 30, 2015

In case you missed this item in December,  a very interesting class action law suit for charging a destination marketing fee is underway. “The class action seeks compensation on behalf of all Canadian consumers who have been charged a destination marketing fee. The hotel brands named in this class action include Best Western, Hilton, Radisson, Delta, […]

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How do you embrace change?

January 27, 2015

When the wind of change blows some build walls others build windmills.    

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Nimmo Bay Resort & the Fogo Island Inn: Authentic, Sustainable, Excellent Visitor Experience

January 17, 2015

Did you know that the National Geographic Society launched a recognition program for  ‘Unique Lodges of the World’? Selecting 24 businesses from six continents, the Nimmo Bay Resort (BC) and Fogo Island Inn (NL) were the only two in Canada recognized in this inaugural collection of amazing boutique properties who demonstrate a world class commitment […]

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Baby Boomers: A Tourism HR Solution Companies Must Consider

January 12, 2015

Destination plan, after destination plan, all have one common denominator – HR challenges. Right across Canada the tendency to focus on youth employment is noble, but not meeting our demands.  At the other end of the spectrum there is this mass bubble of people, that will continue to become available, called Baby Boomers! A recent Baby […]

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Canada’s Tourism Industry Falling Behind

January 5, 2015

Each year we hear how Canada’s tourism industry continues to slide from our glory years in 2000 when we were 8th in the world. Today we sit in 17th position and declining, a 15% decline in international tourism according to the UNWTO Tourism Barometer. Hot off the press is a Deloitte study titled  “Tourism in Canada: […]

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Happy New Year

January 2, 2015

Here’s wishing you a fabulous year in tourism for 2015. We look forward to continuing to post thought provoking ideas and information for those interested in tourism product and market development, experiential and sustainable tourism, and cool things we find that we think may be of interest. And  as we begin the new year, I’m […]

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Happy holidays from all of to you all of you

December 23, 2014

Enjoy the best of the holiday season as you enjoy family, friends and some time to relax and reflect on an amazing year! From Todd, Paul and Nancy – we thank you for following our Blog, look forward to many more posts in 2015 and wish you the very best in tourism for the next year.

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