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Where’s Your Biz at in the New Multi-Screen World

by Nancy Arsenault on December 19, 2012

One of the great things about December is there are lots of ‘year in reviews’ and ‘trends for 2013′. I love to read them to reflect on the past and see what’s being projected for the year ahead.

The impact of the Multi-Screen World is one of those realities for businesses -past, present and future. If you didnt’ see this, check out the free report by Google on the Multi-Screen World, it has lots of fodder for business to think about as you plan your conversation strategy with your customers and prospective customers.Google 2012 Report on 'A World of Multi-Screen Users'

Here’s a few teasers to get you to pause for 10 minutes and read this highly visual report with great information.

  • 90% of our daily media interactions are screen based (From computers, to iphones, tablets, tvs) and on average we spend 4.4 hours/day on these devices compared to non-screen based (radio, newspaper, magazines)
    • Implication – Know where you customer is reading/engaging so your marketing investments align!  Imagine a 50% allocation in your budget to non-screen based applications … you may be tossing into the wind UNLESS you know what and where you guests/prospective guests are reading.
  • Computers are used to keep people informed and productive, tablets entertained, smartphones are for being connected.
    • Implication – Depending on what you are selling – having your online communications set for one, two or three of these devices may be important. This costs more, but if it will bring you more business or engage customers with your company, you must really consider the investment.
  • Smartphones are the most common place for ‘starting activities’, PC’s are used for more complex activities.

So there’s a sample of what’s inside – take a peak and then reflect on three questions as you forecast your marketing investments for 2013:

  • What % of your resources ($ and HR) are spent on ‘screen based’ activities vs ‘non-screen based’.
  • Do you know what you customers are using?  If yes, congratulations, you can streamline your investments in reaching more – if no, make this a piece of information you find out this year.
  • Have the courage to change with your customer.

Enjoy the report.

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